Our Certifications

The German IT Security Act (ITSG) came into effect on July 2015. It contributes to making Germany’s IT systems and digital infrastructures some of the most secure in the world. Critical infrastructures (KRITIS) – such as the electricity and the water supply, healthcare, finances and telecommunications – have become more vulnerable as a result of the increasing digital networking. Thus, a failure or impairment of the provision of services would have dramatic consequences for the economy, the state and German society. IT security and the regulations for improving the availability of IT systems are therefore an important part of the law.

PCI-DSS Certification

DARZ is certified by TÜV Süd in accordance with PCI-DSS. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a security standard that establishes requirements to, among others, security management, policies, procedures, network architecture and software design. As a comprehensive standard, it supports organizations in the prevention of the customer’s card data, thereby increasing security when handling card data.

Certification according to ISO27001 (Total Portfolio)

DARZ’s entire modular service portfolio is certified to ISO27001. The specificity of this certification lies in the assessment of the overall company. In addition to the data center area, the entire business areas from IT services were covered, including hybrid cloud and project management up to our employees and suppliers. This leaves DARZ no area open for exceptions. Clearly defined, efficient yet flexible processes have been recorded in the quality management manual and are thus valid and clearly documented throughout the company.

NetApp certified Backup as a Service

Top performance in service and safety means a lot of effort, extreme care and regular control. NetApp and its partners overcome these challenges. Partners such as DARZ are tested by NetApp for best practices and common standards for service, security and technology, and must provide appropriate evidence – not just once, but regularly.

NetApp Service Provider

Using the NetApp Partner Program for service providers, NetApp and service providers such as DARZ can offer IT as a service, optimally meeting customer requirements. With us, you can significantly reduce the launch time of your services. NetApp and DARZ help you to design, implement, sell and support your IT services.

VMWare IaaS Powered

With hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services based on market-leading virtualization technology from VMware vSphere®, VMware IaaS powered cloud providers, such as DARZ, provide easy and affordable cloud computing. As a trusted partner, we provide you with improved responsiveness and agility for mission-critical applications while reducing IT costs through increased performance, availability, and scalability. arly.


This certificate is compiled by BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) and enables critical infrastructures,
also called KRITIS, which include clinics, electricity and waterworks, cities, municipalities and their suppliers,
to use DARZ’s IT services so that they meet the KRITIS requirements.

DARZ quality profile
Zertifikat nach Technischen Richtlinien des BSI
Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2015
Best in Cloud 2015
DARZ TÜV Rheinland
Ökostrom Entega
Initiative Mittelstand 2017
NetApp Backup aaS
NetApp Cloud Service Provider
vmware IaaS powered