Our Company Philosophy

When Sergey Mirochnik, Managing Director of DARZ GmbH, founded the company, he had a concrete idea of how our world would develop in the coming years and decades. The company philosophy “data is more valuable than money” reflects his view on things. Digital transformation will fundamentally change the way people live, work and communicate. Business models will be developed the like of which we cannot yet imagine, but which will present major challenges for established industries and companies.
The basis for these new business and value-added models is data, on which companies are building their new products and services. He who uses this data best will have the most success in his market. For this purpose, you need a partner who optimally stores, analyzes, processes and disseminates the data for you. You need a digital evolution provider like DARZ, which generates innovations from your data. Our company philosophy grows from this model.

Our Mission

As a platform with a strong ecosystem, we offer tailor-made IT services and solutions with the highest standards of quality and security.
Our Data Centric Services are designed to enable companies of all sizes to get the maximum value from their data.

Our Vision

We are also convinced by our company philosophy that data management is the key to success in the digital age.
With our Data Centric Services, we want to be an enabler for IT-driven innovation, to create new application scenarios, develop markets, and make companies even more successful.

Our Positioning

As a global platform for IT and technology innovation, DARZ acts as a full IT service provider with its own high-security data center, simultaneously marketing modular services in the areas of public and private cloud and colocation. In this context, we offer our customers a platform that brings real innovation through the unique combination of infrastructure, technology, partnerships and know-how.

DARZ quality profile
Zertifikat nach Technischen Richtlinien des BSI
Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2015
Best in Cloud 2015
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Initiative Mittelstand 2017
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