Target Groups for DARZ Services

Until recently, there were still sectors which would be completely spared from digitization. What does a farmer have to do with algorithms? What does the mason care about big data? But now, it is becoming increasingly clear: no one can solve today’s challenges without some sort of adaptation to the new circumstances. Accordingly, our target groups extend across many different areas. Heads! and Deloitte Digital have created a disruption map with sectors that clearly show how some industries take longer to achieve digitalization, but will certainly do so eventually.
There are sectors where the transformation is happening fast and strong –in ICT, media, banks and insurance companies, for example. And there are sectors where it is taking longer and the impact is so far less. These include mining, oil, gas and chemicals. One thing, however, should be clear to everyone responsible for the wellbeing of their business: kicking the can down the road is not an effective strategy.

The Answer for All Industries: Data Centric Services

It is a universal need for CIOs and their companies of all different sizes and industries to take advantage of the opportunities of digital transformation and to redesign their businesses. The help of modular services from the Data Centric Universe of DARZ makes this possible. In order to develop the power of the concept of the “as a service economy”, CIOs need the support of an innovation platform which, in addition to a highly available data center infrastructure for hosting and housing, can also provide a modular data-centric service portfolio. You might even call it “smart data as a service.”

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