Big Data Solutions: Data Centric Services from DARZ

Just a few years ago, the subject of Big Data was still being discussed in specialist circles as a phenomenon that poses mainly challenges and problems for companies. What should they do with the masses of structured and unstructured data that are produced in the departments in increasing numbers every day? Big Data was then primarily a matter of storing data. It was a matter of how data silos had to be created so that the information was well kept and, if necessary, also easily retrievable without causing too much trouble and expense.

Big Data – at the right time in the right place

The second phase of the Big Data era included the rise of Analytics and Business Intelligence. From now on, the principle was that the mass data had to be prepared and used properly in order not to overwhelm the users and the companies. The realization emerged that it would not make any sense to build ever larger libraries to become smarter. The existence of the data itself does not have any effect on the companies’ positive development. Instead, data must be available in the right place at the right time to create meaning and value.

Big Data in sales, marketing and production

According to a study conducted by the SRH University in Heidelberg, the topic of Big Data has now arrived at the leadership level of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as a relevant future topic. 67 percent of those surveyed considered the topic of Big Data to be very relevant or relevant. The greatest potential is seen in the areas of sales and marketing. The companies are hoping that Big Data will provide more visibility with respect to customer requirements and customer behavior, as well as qualitatively better forecasts of future trends. The increase in productivity and efficiency, especially in the supply chain, is also mentioned in this context.

Big data can do more than process optimization

Nevertheless, Big Data is not only the key to process optimization and cost reduction, but also the key to growth and innovation. In this sense, companies hold the key to developing new products and services and change their value-added models in their own hands. Considering the internal and external data available to them, services will no longer develop 10 percent better in the future, but rather 10 times better, with every step.

Big Data with Data Centric Services from DARZ

DARZ’s motto is: “Data is more valuable than money.” Against this background, we have launched our modular Data Centric Services. These enable our partners and customers to get the most out of the structured and unstructured data available to them. The approach is integrated and holistic. With us, you can store your data not only securely and highly available in our high-security data center in Darmstadt, but also process it at any place on earth through our connectivity solutions. We provide you with all the necessary services and partners for transferring data with the lowest latencies. We cooperate with all five main data center operators in Frankfurt and the DE-CIX. In this way, you will benefit from a global footprint that leaves nothing to be desired.

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