Now strikes the hour of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)

A few years ago at the latest, the phrase “computing from the plug” was replaced by the hip term cloud computingy – a concept which proved to be powerful, flexible and foretelling – the CIO should have been the man of the hour. For various reasons, however, IT has never been able to establish itself as an effective factor in strategic management. With the advent of the as-a-service economy, however, CIOs and their IT departments are finding new options for bringing growth and innovation to their companies.

CIOs and wrong expectations of them

A fallacy was built into the definition of the role of the CIO, that with his staff he would create such innovations as process optimization and product and service innovations. Even with the most advanced technology, this would have meant a single person’s know-how could make entire specialist departments redundant. That wouldn’t work even in the best scenarios. It isn’t much of a surprise, then, that according to a recent study by Accenture departments do not perceive IT colleagues as strategists nor do they expect innovations from their corner. Only a third of managers hoped for innovations from IT. Two years ago, that figure was 71 percent. A total of 70 percent of those interviewed declared that they benefit from acting without consultation with the CIO. 42 percent said internal IT requires too much time.

CIO as an enabler for specialist department innovations

Department innovations bring companies forward, generating growth now and for the future. A Chief Information Officer could be the decisive difference, the enabler to digitally map and innovate these innovations. She can use the fact that departments have developed conceptions of what is already available in “As-a-Service” tools. A CIO can be truly successful if she can take the role of an IT service broker familiar with service offers and can appropriately link them. For her colleagues, she would thus become the “enabler of their trust.”

The platform makes the difference

In order to bring this concept of an IT service broker to life, a CIO needs access to an innovation platform which can provide modular services quickly and flexibly. These Data Centric Services should be powerful, flexible, and scalable, providing the resources that are immediately needed. One example of this is the Hybrid Cloud platform which allows users like CIOs to host data in a central data-pool, and to always get computing resources from the vendor offering the best performance at the best price. As a digital evolution provider, DARZ has its own high-security center from which customers can access exactly the infrastructure, technology, know-how and cooperating partnerships they need to generate growth for their company. The services are always state-of-the-art since the innovation platform of DARZ is being constantly developed – for the good of an agile CIO.

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