Digital transformation: increase efficiency and save costs – with DARZ!

In the future, even large industrial companies will only be successful in competing if they are also capable of performing at the digital action level. They will need to defend their value creation also in online competition against the world’s leading Internet companies from the US with the help of electronic business processes and models. The German answer to this question is currently Industry 4.0 – but this can’t be the only one. Digital technologies have been designed mainly to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Digital transformation is more than process optimization

While companies have apparently recognized the importance of digital business models, the focus is still on tight processes in sales and marketing, the supply chain, and procurement rather than the development of an innovation culture. Digital transformation means above all the opportunity to develop new products and services based on the processing of data, however. Over the long term, companies that drive a consistent digital-based innovation culture are still most likely to be able to successfully change their business model again and again.

Digital transformation means innovation management

Against this backdrop, large companies in particular are increasingly looking for proximity to innovative start-ups to benefit from their disruptive innovations regarding the requirements of digital transformation. One can observe how interfaces between companies and start-ups are built up by incubators, accelerators and corporate venture capital. We call this external innovation management, which means working together on their exciting ideas with founders and ultimately benefiting from this.

Digital transformation means cooperation

Recent studies and surveys confirm that the attention for digital transformation in companies is very high. Many entrepreneurs and managers see digitalization as a “great opportunity” for Germany as an industrial location. This was the result of a study conducted by Commerzbank on German SMEs. A large majority of 86 percent even agreed with this statement on digitalization. In the case of digital products, traditional companies often must bundle their own competences with those of external partners to create something new. The organization must be able to enter such collaborations both technically, for example via IT interfaces, as well as legally and, if necessary, dissolve them quickly again in an uncomplicated manner.

Digital transformation with your Digital Evolution Provider

As a digital evolution provider, DARZ offers its customers and partners a platform for digital innovations. Organizations that work with us benefit not only from our outstanding infrastructure and modern technology, but also rely on our extensive know-how and existing partnerships and networks. This way they get the chance to take the step zero to one. This means not only improving their existing processes, but also realizing and implementing genuine innovations together with us.

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