Disaster Recovery for SAP HANA from DARZ

SAP HANA is now a well-established database application, which works on the basis of in-memory technology. It is characterized by the fact that a large amount (big data) of operational and transactional data can be processed more or less in real time. In this context, the solution primarily fulfills its purpose in the analysis of data and is therefore the central building block of many data-centric business models. The high speed of the application is due to the fact that the data to be analyzed are no longer stored on a Flash Storage or a classic hard disk, but are queried directly from the RAM. This enables a performance that current relational database systems cannot afford.

Performance for data analysis

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a further development of SAP HANA DB. This solution has made SAP a platform-as-a-service provider. The platform combines applications and services that take advantage of cloud-based concepts. Thus, immediate use is possible without additional hardware acquisition and installation, the solutions are flexible and scalable as desired and there is a marked availability and security through specialized data centers. At the beginning, the HANA Cloud Platform does not necessarily include business applications of ERP systems. It is the platform on which such solutions and apps can be installed. To this end, a large number of services are currently available, which can be integrated and used. One of these services, in turn, is the SAP HANA database itself, which is available as a separate part of the HANA Cloud Platform for real-time data processing. Other services within the HANA Cloud Platform include SAP Fiori Cloud Edition, SAP JAM Social Collaboration, Internet of Things (IoT) services and mobile application support. The software development on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform is implemented with Java, SAPUI5 (HTML5) and server-side JavaScript. The HANA Cloud Platform is used, among other things, to extend SAP solutions, be it on premise systems or SAP cloud solutions.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service made by DARZ

As part of its Data Centric Services, DARZ offers disaster recovery as a service for SAP HANA. Users therefore benefit not only from the analysis performance of the database, whether as SAP HANA DB or HANA Cloud Platform, but also secure their own productive systems flexibly and scalable for their needs. At the moment when company-critical systems are moved to the cloud, it is necessary to set up a strategy to ensure operation at the moment of system failure. With the help of DARZ, you can be sure that your added value is always guaranteed even if your primary IT infrastructure fails.

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