Digitalization in the energy sector with DARZ

Digitalization also has an enormous impact on the energy industry. Many energy supply companies see themselves threatened due to the market penetration of digital companies into this industry. Next to the turnaround in energy, digitalization is thus the main challenge for the energy industry. It is clear that energy suppliers have clearly identified the issue, but there are still many uncertainties.

Energy suppliers: Design digitalization, don’t just survive

According to a recent study by PwC, 64 percent of the energy suppliers surveyed already perceive changing customer requirements, such as digital contact channels, higher service expectations and increased price sensitivity. Numerous start-ups and large companies from the digital sector that are new to the industry are pushing into the energy market. For this reason, the German energy industry must adapt to ever tougher competition. Not all energy suppliers that are active on the German market will benefit from digitalization. More than half of respondents believe that the number of energy suppliers in Germany will decline. Every third party also believes that one in four energy suppliers will disappear from the market.

DARZ as a high-performance, certified IT partner for energy suppliers

Digitalization currently plays an important role for almost all energy suppliers. However, the level of implementation differs significantly. Only about half of the energy suppliers regard digitalization as a comprehensive topic for the entire company. All others are currently launching individual initiatives. This is changing slowly, however. Most utilities are planning to intensify their commitment to digitalization in the years to come. This only makes sense, however, with partners who have both the technology, the know-how and the relevant certifications with regard to topics such as KRITIS. At DARZ, the entire service portfolio is certified according to ISO 27001.

Utilities need strategic support

The majority of decision-makers in power companies lack a concrete strategy for exploiting the opportunities of digitalization. Only one in six energy suppliers surveyed by PwC have already developed a digitalization strategy. 76 percent consider digitization a lever for improving their efficiency. This affects all areas, but above all the network area. These include improved billing processes, more efficient claims management, digitalization of the network control system, and virtual power stations.

Data Centric Services for energy suppliers

However, if it is a question of using the opportunities of digitalization, then one needs more than process optimization. At DARZ, we provide Data Centric Services. This means that we have recognized for ourselves and above all for many industries and markets that all upcoming relevant innovations will be data- and platform-based. The digital transformation covers almost all work areas. This doesn’t need to scare anyone, as long as one is prepared to face the challenges and not just thinking defensively. Innovations result from cooperation and partnerships with access to platforms that connect technology, infrastructure, know-how and interdisciplinary networks.
DARZ offers companies in the energy sector exactly the modular services they need to successfully revamp their business models and emerge stronger from the current change.

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