Industry 4.0 Technology – Data Centric Services from DARZ

The hopes of the German economy rest on the buzzword “Industry 4.0” It is no less than the German answer to the questions and challenges of digitization. With Industry 4.0, traditional production will be able to connect with information and communications technology. This will result in tailor-made products that meet individual customer requirements. Above all, they will be both cost-efficient and of high quality.

Industry 4.0 – Intelligently connect and control technologies

The factory of Industry 4.0 will be designed as follows. Intelligent machines will independently organize production processes; service robots will work intelligently with people in the area of assembly; self-driving transport vehicles will independently fill logistics orders. In this context, Industry 4.0 defines the entire life cycle of a product from the idea to development, manufacturing, use, maintenance and recycling. Furthermore, production and logistics processes will be networked even beyond the intelligent factory across the whole company. This will optimize the material flow in order to be able to detect possible errors at an early stage and be able to react very flexibly to changing customer requirements and market conditions.

Industry 4.0 and Data Centric Services

The whole concept behind Industry 4.0 is based on the use, analysis, forwarding and storage of data. The entire connecting and self-control scenario will remain utopia unless the right information is available at the right place at the right time. In addition, these highly complex processes also involve latencies while accessing data that need be as short as possible. The entire scenario holds plenty of potential for optimization, process improvements and cost reductions, but can hardly be implemented without the right partner.

Industry 4.0 – expensive and resource-intensive?

According to a recent study by EY, eight out of ten companies consider the topic of Industry 4.0 to be strategically important, and as many expect its importance to increase further over the next five years. Nevertheless, some 66 percent of those interviewed say that the high investment and a 61 percent shortage in skilled workers are the main obstacles to increased use of this concept.

Industry 4.0 with the Digital Evolution Provider

DARZ can dispel the doubts concerning the feasibility of Industry 4.0 because we are a digital evolution provider. This means we act like a full service IT provider with our own high-security data center, and deliver our Data Centric Services from this position. This ensures that we can provide our customers and partners with exactly the services that offer them the most value at any point in time. You will thus benefit from maximum flexibility, scalability and performance.

Industry 4.0: no problem with know-how and a network

A holistic approach towards Industry 4.0 can be dared without problems because with DARZ, you never rely solely on infrastructure and technology. You will get the entire package with our collected know-how and our access to partners and networks in order to become truly innovative.

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