Start-ups as drivers of digitalization

In general, start-ups in Germany are automatically viewed as digitally avant-garde. Corporations look to the young companies and try to deduce conclusions for their own digital transformation from their actions. According to a recent survey by the digital consulting firm “Etventure” and GfK Nuremberg, every third company (31 percent) is already working with start-ups to master the challenges of digital transformation. The most common goals are improved access to new technologies (87 percent) and faster and more advanced innovations. Nevertheless, it is often forgotten that start-up entrepreneurs are also faced with challenges with regard to IT.

IT ensures the future viability of start-ups

Founders and young entrepreneurs are driven by a vision. They have developed an idea of how they want to work and how their business idea can make a difference. And they work hard around the clock for this vision. They plan their strategy, write up marketing plans, hold meetings, look for new employees and do controlling. Since their business model is usually digitally-based, organization and orchestration of IT are also needed. However, this area should be given greater attention because it is an important factor in the future viability of the company as a whole. Because personnel, financial as well as technical resources have to be planned sensitively and deployed flexibly in start-up companies, they need to find the right partners.

Digital, powerful and scalable

Particularly in the initial phase of a start-up, it is important to work with the right cooperation partners to help the company to grow. Start-ups need modular IT services, which on the one hand are powerful enough to help them stand out from the competition. On the other hand, they must be flexible and scalable enough to be expanded or reduced, if necessary. Another important aspect is access to know-how and competencies in the key markets. In short: the choice of a platform is decisive for whether a start-up thrives or stagnates.

The DARZ Data Centric Universe – tailored solutions for start-ups

The Data Centric Universe from DARZ offers start-ups just the right growth environment to be able to create innovations and continuously optimize their value-added model. DARZ places the company data in the focus of entrepreneurial activity and offers modular services in order to optimally store, process and use them in a targeted manner. Having been on the market for two years, DARZ is still a young company and therefore knows the challenges that future entrepreneurs face much better. We grow with our customers and our customers grow through us.

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