Green IT

DARZ is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly data centers in all of Europe with its low energy coefficient (PUE score). Using the optimal combination of mechanical, mixed-operation and pure indirect outside air cooling including the Zortström distributor, very high energy efficiency is part of the design from the very beginning. It is among the most environmentally friendly computer centers in Europe with its high-security computer center, high degree of infrastructure redundancy (TÜV Rheinland Category 3+) and the low PUE score. The entire infrastructure is incorporated into an ecological overall design with regard to the degree of efficiency of the individual components and the energy efficiency control of the entire system. This includes the exclusive use of green electricity. All of DARZ’s processes and offerings are designed to be environmentally friendly and energy saving. Thus, for example, the building has 100 percent biodegradable rubber double floors. DARZ’s ecological approach was recognized in 2015 with the German Computer Center award in the "Overall Energy Efficiency" category for computer centers and was nominated for the Green IT Award.
  • Overview

  • Einsatz modernster n+1 redundanter Luftkühlsysteme
  • Indirekte freie Kühlung (Zortströmverteiler)
  • Trennung von Kalt- und Warmluft (Kaltgangeinhausung)
  • Ausschließlicher Verbrauch von Öko-Strom
  • Doppelboden aus Kautschuk (100% abbaubar)