Our Building: Data Center Infrastructure at the Highest Level

The infrastructure within the DARZ data center is characterized by the excellent premises and possibilities of the former vault building of the Hesse Central Bank – the headquarters of DARZ GmbH. The already existing structural protection was extended by a first-class data center infrastructure. The building has the following parameters:

The construction accords to the multi-layer principle, ensuring a high degree of stability for the building and a physical protection for a data center that is unique in Germany. Due to its original use as a former vault building of the Hesse Central Bank, the building was built according to the highest safety standards.

  • The entire building is armored for bombs and explosions, with especially armored areas designed as nuclear and air raid shelters. The vault building is designed to withstand the impact of a major damage event such as aircraft crash or EMP pulse.
  • The four floors of the vault building, which was built physically separated from the surrounding building, are above the underground nuclear shelter.

Highest physical security is also guaranteed by:

  • Bullet- and explosion-proof glazing
  • Steel-reinforced concrete walls as perimeter protection
  • Anti-collision protection to prevent penetration of the exterior wall by motor vehicles up to a permissible total weight of 27.5 US tons (25 metric tons)

Floor Space in the Data Center and Protection and Operating Mechanisms for our Customers

The data center in the heart of Darmstadt is flexible and scalable for our customers to use. Different types of floor space can be used for different colocation applications:

  • 8,000 square meters of total floor space in the data center
  • 2,400 square meters of IT space for up to 1,000 racks
  • 2,900 square meters of data center infrastructure space
  • 700 square meters of usable office space for customers
  • 600 square meters of vault areas protected against electromagnetic pulses (EMP)

In order to operate their own IT infrastructure in a third-party data center environment, our customers can also take advantage of different protection and operating mechanisms:

  • Lightning protection class 1 (rough and fine protection)
  • Nitrogen extinguishing system and OxyReduct system
  • Nuclear shelter for storing tapes and other data media
  • Redundant crossing-free power supply including UPS and emergency power diesel
  • Ventilation and cooling center
  • Over 100 emergency workstations for business continuity
  • Separation of operational and information technology
  • Route guidance for critical supply lines (energy, air conditioning, building control) in fully protected areas
  • Cable routes completely redundant and cross-free in the entire building
  • Leakage detectors within the entire building
  • Alarm protection of all areas via building control technology

Data Processing and Distribution in our Data Center

Data processing and distribution are important issues in our data center. For this reason, communications can be established through three channels:

  • Fiber optic network
  • Directional radio
  • Satellite connection

Access Routes for Delivery and Maintenance

  • Direct access for trucks weighing up to 13.2 US tons (12 metric tons), loader lamps and pallet trucks
  • Unloading in a protected and covered area

Location and Environment of the Data Center

  • DARZ can be reached within 5 minutes from the A5 motorway. The journey from Frankfurt takes 25 minutes.
  • Parking lots for visitors and logistics are sufficiently available. Additionally, a car park is available 100 meters away from the building.
  • There is no risk of groundwater, surface water, lakes, streams or rivers in Darmstadt.
  • No vulnerable buildings such as nuclear power plants are located in the immediate vicinity.

Rooms in the Data Center

  • Shared area
  • Caged area
  • Private rooms of varying sizes with individual security features
  • Storage rooms and pre-installation areas
  • Storage rooms for data carriers of any kind in the nuclear shelter
  • Ceiling rail systems for cable supply
  • Power supply in double floor
  • DARZ implements necessary work in the double floor infrastructure. For particularly heavy equipment, it is possible to install reinforced floor boards or reinforcement frames.
  • Two redundant carrier areas (separate fire sections), connected to the redundant house connections.
  • Leakage detector inside the double floor

All maintenance of the operator in the data center and surrounding area is carried out without interruption for the customer.

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