Structured Cabling for DARZ

The distribution racks at DARZ’s high security data center have cable ducts that are completely redundant and cross-free throughout the building. The redundant, cross-free and channel-disjunctive cable ducts run throughout the data center up to the network nodes. The same applies to the course of the network nodes out of the building. In addition, DARZ has ensured a redundant, cross-free, channel-disjunctive course also outside the data center, right up to the various feed-in points for each fiber optics provider.

Concept of Cabling

Within the data center, cables can be routed either in the double floor or in trays above the racks. The Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Federal Office for Information Security), however, according to its IT basic protection catalog “Cabling in server rooms,” prefers installation beneath the ceiling. There, cables can be replaced more easily and do not affect the air flow from the cooling in the double floor. In addition, the cables should be “comprehensively immovable as far as possible.” The BSI advises providing a copper and an LWL patch panel per server cabinet. The MICE (Mechanical, Ingress, Climatic, Electromagnetic) classification for data centers is based on an average mechanical and high electromagnetic load. The latter can be used, for example, for fiber optic solutions. Furthermore, it makes sense to use fiber optic cables that are resistant to bending in order to best utilize space. Such fiber optics can transmit data with almost no loss, even with a bending radius of 15 or even 7.5 mm. A reduced refractive index with a trench structure in its sheath throws the light back into the core region. It is still important to lay these fibers as stress-free as possible, however, because even bend-resistant fibers will not prevent every fiber break.

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