Green IT: Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

  • Green IT at a Glance
  • Use of modern n+1 redundant air-cooling systems
  • Indirect free cooling (Zortström distributor)
  • Separation of cold and hot air (cold aisle containment)
  • Exclusive use of green electricity
  • Double floor made of rubber (100% degradable)

With its high power usage effectiveness (PUE), DARZ is one of the most environmentally friendly data centers in Europe.
Thanks to the optimal combination of mechanical, mixed-operation and purely indirect outdoor cooling, including Zortström distributors, the data center has been designed from the outset for a particularly high energy efficiency. DARZ is one of the most environmentally friendly data centers in Europe with its high-security data center, high infrastructure redundancy (TÜV Rheinland category 3+) and its strong PUE grade. The entire infrastructure is integrated into an overall ecological concept with regard to the efficiency of the individual components and the energy-efficient regulation of the entire system.

This also includes the exclusive use of green electricity. All processes and offers of DARZ are aligned to the target parameters of environmental compatibility and energy saving. For example, a 100% biodegradable double floor made of rubber is used in the building.
DARZ’s ecological approach was awarded with the German Data Center Prize in the “Total Energy Efficiency” category in the data center in 2015. We are continuously working to optimize processes, systems and software control even further.

DARZ quality profile
Zertifikat nach Technischen Richtlinien des BSI
Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2015
Best in Cloud 2015
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Ökostrom Entega
Initiative Mittelstand 2017
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