Fire Protection at DARZ

  • Fire Extinguishing Systems and Fire Protection at a Glance
  • Nitrogen extinguishing system
  • Oxygen reduction system in vault spaces
  • Flue gas suction system (RAS)
  • Use of a continuous fire protection concept (dual detector dependency)
  • Early detection of fire by means of fire detectors (VESDA) on the ceilings and in the cold aisle containments
  • Fire detection system with activation of the automatic fire extinguishing system and alerting of professional fire department

Fire protection is a key issue for the operation of data centers and the protection of data.

Fire Protection in the Data Center

Fire protection in data centers is ensured by means of gaseous extinguishing agents which fight fires without permanent residue. The essential process is that inert gas displaces oxygen to stifle the fire. Nitrogen is a natural part of the air and non-toxic. It also has a comparable density to the air. There is the additional advantage that nitrogen can be simply stored in fire-fighting batteries. In the event of afire, nitrogen is dispersed quickly and evenly in the room. This is managed without misting effects, which lead to visual obstruction and residue. The DARZ high-security data center employs a FirExting® gas extinguishing system from WAGNER.

DThe Fire Protection Concept

In order to be able to quickly and effectively extinguish fires, gas extinguishing systems must distribute the extinguishing gas at high pressure in the area to be extinguished. It has been possible in the past, in the case of nitrogen extinguishing systems, that this pressure caused by the rapid injection of gas from the extinguishing nozzles would create a sound of more than 130dB (A). This in turn could generate vibrations, which could then lead to damaging hard drives. Indirect damage in these cases was significantly more severe than the fire damage itself. It was not just a matter of temporary server downtime, but data damage and data loss. To prevent these effects, WAGNER has developed a special silencer that reduces sound pressure to approximately 98dB (A).

Minimized Pressure Peaks during Fire Protection

Extinguishing bottles have flow regulators that reduce pressure peaks at the beginning of the extinguishing process. The size of the pressure relief opening is considerably reduced by the soft flooding device. The pressure relief for all extinguishing areas at DARZ have been supplied by F90 channel systems which only require exposure to the open air.

Fire Protection in the Vault

In the hermetically sealed DARZ vault, active fire prevention is attained through oxygen reduction. WAGNER’s patented OxyReduct® system generates nitrogen from the ambient air, introduces it into the protection area via the ventilation system and continuously lowers the oxygen content in the vault to a strongly fire-retardant atmosphere. At an oxygen volume of 15.9 percent, the ignition limit for typical IT materials cannot be reached, and a fire can neither develop nor spread.

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