Lightning Protection at DARZ Data Center

  • Important figures about lightning:
  • 2,000,000 lightning strikes in Germany per year
  • 450,000 incidents of surge damages in Germany per year
  • Surge damages occur in the radius of up to 2km around a lightning strike
  • 80 percent of lightning strikes range from 30 to 40kA

Lightning strikes and surges cause high economic losses every year. The failure of electronic equipment damages industry and other sectors – this makes lightning protection very important. Data centers and the data they store, process and forward are particularly precious items and are especially vulnerable to surges. DARZ has responded to these challenges and operates a class 1 lightning protection system at its data center in Darmstadt. This corresponds to the most critical area to which military plants and nuclear power plants are assigned.

Why lightning protection is so important to your data?

Data centers are not only at risk of direct lightning strikes but also by surges that lightning strikes can cause up to two kilometers away. Surges are many times higher than the permissible mains voltage. When the voltage resistance of electrical systems is exceeded, disturbances and even permanent damage and destruction can occur. Suitable lightning and surge protection systems are required to protect against high-voltage switching and lightning surges in data centers.

What are lightning surges?

The most dangerous voltage peaks in the low-voltage consumer network arise from lightning surges. Lightning surges reach 100 times normal voltage and transport high energy. In the case of a direct strike into the external lightning protection system or in a low-voltage line without internal lightning and surge protection, damage to insulation and total failure of the connected IT infrastructure usually occurs.

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