Redundant, Fail-Safe Power Supply: We Protect Your Data Even in the Event of a Power Failure

The power supply is of crucial importance when operating server cabinets or entire data centers. Power lines are available for power supply, the current of which transforms to 400 volts in the transformer stations and reaches the data center via cable or power rails via the low-voltage main distribution and normal network distribution. Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) are also supplied with power via the normal network sub-distribution.

Power Supply in the Data Center: Highest Demands on Power Availability

Data centers place the highest demands on availability. Correspondingly, the energy supply at DARZ is permanently ensured. It is a matter of course today that the power supply of the data center itself and all areas in the building where data cables run must be designed as a TN-S system. Permanent self-monitoring of a “clean” TN-S system (e.g., with RCMs) and the connection of the messages to a permanently occupied location are essential for safe operation. For the line protection, all electrical distributions must be equipped with an input fuse. The size and design of the electrical distribution depends on the power to be distributed, the desired number of circuits, and the power per circuit. Typical supply quantities are 16A, single-phase (about 3.5kW), 32A single-phase (about 7kW) or 32A three-phase (22kW) for high-performance cabinets.

  • At DARZ, your data is also safe in the event of a power failure:
  • A+B supply of installed systems from entry
  • Planned interruptions of the power supply at the same time on both supply lines prevented by redundant meshed supply and external power supply.
  • N+1 redundant, UPS-assured power supply with battery backup for 25 minutes per side at full load and emergency power diesel on each side
  • Load transfer within 15 seconds
  • Calibrated current meters at outlet boxes to the rack
  • In the event of a power failure, up to three days of autonomy with existing diesel generators and diesel supplies as well as contracts with two suppliers that supply DARZ within two days
  • Power supply for a rack with 25kW or more is possible (high performance racks)
  • Power distribution can be produced to match customer requirements (in the final version on both sides n+1, thus 2 (n+1) redundancy

We provide our diesel unit as a network replacement capacity and have also developed a control system that ensures that DARZ as a user and operator always has priority and supremacy. We are therefore also providing our contribution to energy efficiency.

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