Server Racks from DARZ

  • Our specially developed racks offer advanced safety features:
  • DARZ exclusive locking cylinder
  • Keys are only kept in the building
  • Three-digit, individually configurable security code
  • Highly secure construction with modified walls, roof and floor
  • Security level on cage level with each server rack

The server racks from DARZ with 47 height units have fully redundant and crossover-free power supply and data cabling. The data routes of the Internet providers and carriers also run fully redundantly and without intersection to their separate feed points (HUBs).

For maximum energy efficiency, our racks are equipped with air conditioning via a cold aisle containment. We ensure consumption-optimized billing via calibrated electricity meters. For your IT to be able to grow with your business, we ensure the highest scalability of up to 1,000 racks and over 5MW of performance. The installation of high power racks of 25kW and more is also easily possible due to dedicated reserves in the room cooling system and provided water cooling facilities.

Racks & Servers for Customer Use

The racks and areas for customer IT components are supplied via a redundant power input. We provide a consumption-optimized billing via verified electricity meters for all customers. The meter data can be viewed on premise and is included in every monthly report provided with the invoice.
All server racks are always redundantly connected from the A and B current side. Racks can be supplied with up to 25kW.

The customer can also choose between the power connections for the connection power

  • 230V/16A
  • 230V/32A
  • 400V/32A

In addition, customers can receive any number of power connections. 2kW RZI must be booked monthly per double connection (side A and B). PDUs are delivered in coordination with DARZ or placed by the customer. With both rack and area rentals, the tasks of connecting the PDUs and grounding racks is DARZ’s responsibility.

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