Protected against Bomb Attacks and Aircraft Crashes

The DARZ data center is protected against bomb attacks and aircraft crashes. The architectural concept of the building offers basic protection against a wide range of possible crashes from civilian machines. Based on current studies, the mechanical stresses which would occur in the case of an accidental crash of a medium-sized commercial airliner (with an impact speed being assumed in the range of 350 to 400km/h) can be expected to be absorbed without failure.

Targeted Aircraft Crashes to the Data Center

In the case of a targeted attack with a large commercial aircraft, the higher aircraft weight and a higher impact speed should be factored with regard to mechanical stresses. In addition, a considerably larger stress impact surface as well as a temporal equalization of the stress components and different angles of incidence of the aircraft components should be assumed. In addition to mechanical stresses, the effects of fuel ignition should be expected and calculated. The fuel mass in a military aircraft is in the range of 5Mg, and in the case of a large commercial aircraft, a fuel mass of more than 100Mg should be calculated.
The building has 2-meter-thick safety walls, bullet- and explosion-proof glazing, a nuclear bomb shelter and a vault with a heavyweight steel door.

Data Center with Bulletproof Glazing

DARZ’s motto is, “Data is more valuable than money.” To the same extent of its value, however, data is also vulnerable. The DARZ data center is located in the former building of the Hessian Central Bank. Until 2005, the money and gold reserves of the state of Hesse were stored at this location. Today, the infrastructure, including bulletproof glazing inside and outside the building, serves to protect your digital wealth – data.

Bullet-resistant Glazing

Bullet-resistant glazing is glass that resists attack by providing a defined resistance to the penetration of bullets of certain ammunition types from certain weapons. It is defined as DIN EN 1063. Commonly called armored glass, special laminated safety glass (VSG) is resistant to shock, shell and blast impacts.

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