The DARZ vault

As a unique security feature, DARZ has a vault for the accommodation and operation of IT systems.

A Vault for Your Data: Maximum Security

The vault forms the holiest place in DARZ’s high-security data center. Behind a 10-ton steel door (9 metric tons), our customers can hide their most important assets – their data. Additional areas totaling 600 square meters in the vault building meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Designed as separate fire protection and control sections and additionally equipped with an OxyReduct system for fire prevention, a shared or private model (an available room) can be implemented as required. Thanks to electromagnetic shielding, data is safe even before an EMP attack (electromagnetic pulse) or solar storm.

The protection level of the DARZ vault thus corresponds to that of the data centers in the Swiss Alps – but with the advantages that come with a direct connection to the mega-hub of Frankfurt only 20 miles (30 kilometers) away, and the resulting possibilities with regard to synchronized, mirrored data centers.
In addition, we provide capacities for the storage of tape libraries or the collection of hard drives and tapes in the nuclear shelter. The vault can be seamlessly combined with other surfaces in the sense of our modular services. This allows you to easily link one of the eight fire sections outside the vault to one solution with one of the 3 fire sections in the vault area.

An Electromagnetic Pulse – What is That?

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a briefly occurring, broadband electromagnetic radiation. It is emitted as part of a one-time, highly energetic compensation process. This highly charged system reverts to its basic state by emitting the EMP. This is caused by electrostatic charges which arise, for example, during thunderstorms or nuclear detonations. Another reason may be special electric circuits.
Shortly fluctuating currents are induced by the alternating effect of the low-frequency electromagnetic components of radiation with free charge carriers in metals.
The interaction of the low-frequency electromagnetic radiation components with free charge carriers in metals and semiconductors are induced by strong EMPs. In electrical devices that are insufficiently shielded or completely unshielded, this can lead to malfunctions or total failure, even to the destruction of individual electronic components.


The Protection Commission at the Federal Minister of the Interior concluded in 2011 that EMPs can disturb or destroy all electronically supported machines, from aircraft to pacemakers. It threatens many central systems such as broadcasting, rescue, hospitals, energy supply and rail transport – with corresponding risk to safety personnel, patient care and evacuations.
With regard to the IT security law of 2015, KRITIS organizations find DARZ in perfect compliance, labeling it a complete ISO27001-certified environment which efficiently protects its IT infrastructure.

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