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Find the right provider for Enterprise File Sharing solutions 7. September 2017

To Share and manage files, many private users’ access popular file sharing solutions such as Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, or Google Drive. Companies often have great security concerns with these solutions. IT administrators and data protection officers in particular must ensure that sensitive data is processed only in certain countries and by certain persons. The EU Data Protection Code (DSGVO ... read more

From the system house to the managed service provider 1. September 2017

System houses must meet the requirements of digital transformation and of their customers. The traditional business of the system houses is changing, the arrival of cloud solutions is a central question for many system houses: what does my business model look like in the next five to ten years? This is due to ever smaller margins in the classic hardware sales but also to the changed requirements o... read more

Hyper, hyper – Hype Cycle! 25. August 2017

It's August, it's Hype Cycle time. Like every year, Gartner places the cards on the IT industry and society. What technologies are on the rise? Which are just being ruthless? Which are the reasons for the current possibilities and applications, and what are developing into fixed sizes in technology operation? For three areas, the survey defines the potential for growth and innovation for companies... read more

The Blockchain – Simple is different 16. August 2017

The principle of blockchain is regarded as the basic technology of the crypt currency Bitcoin. That is why it plays an increasingly important role in many areas where transactions are made over the internet without money. Technically speaking, behind a blockchain, a decentralized and unchangeable electronic register is hidden in the form of a database in which all transactions are securely stored.... read more

Smart City needs smart data 11. August 2017

In the past, we have given a variety of insights into the areas of life and work that the increasing digitalization will have. So basically everything began with the transformation of the IT industry itself, which is increasingly characterized by "as-a-service" -production-models and thus its first skinning runs through. We continue to deal with changes in the business concepts in different sector... read more

The digital whistle in the forest!? 2. August 2017

Digital transformation will dramatically change the traditional business models of companies from different industries. Some players will remain on the track because you will not be able to adapt accordingly. This is the accepted teaching at present. Now, however, the current study from KPMG entitled "CEO Outlook 2017" comes to the realization that maybe everyone is half as wild. The survey includ... read more

DSGVO: From myths, misunderstandings and massive penalties 27. July 2017

If the discussion in the media is followed, no one will deny that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its implementation is a huge topic. Different studies testify that the new requirements of the decision-making side are given a massive relevance and that all affected parties will soon be able to do quite a lot to act on the law in a timely manner. This is the conclusion of the stud... read more

Game of thrones in the summer hole 19. July 2017

Let's be fair! The Digital Evolution Blog also has the right to unrestrainedly give itself to the summer hole and the related topics on some days. So today: Game of Thrones or the question, how do I set a streaming offer? Meanwhile in the seventh and therefore last season, the cheerful family series around power, murder and majesties in Germany enjoys undivided popularity around the world. Reason ... read more

Cloud Computing: Standstill means downturn 12. July 2017

The technological megatrend Cloud Computing has already demonstrated its potential to leverage the value added of nearly all industries. The entire concept was to be described as revolutionary at the time of its development. It would therefore be naive to believe that within the shortest possible time even within the technology itself, new trends will arise which will further optimize the work in ... read more

All data under control 5. July 2017

In the digital future, those companies are successful that can make the best of their internal and external data, structured and unstructured. Because these digital values are the information that drives the company in its development. The basic prerequisite for a clean analysis is, above all, the ability to hold the data in such a way that it is available quickly and correctly. This question was ... read more