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Are you a digital leader? 29. June 2017

In the Digital Evolution blog, we are very often talking about which technologies are favored by deciders and how their attitude towards certain trends is. In this context, we assume, as a matter of course, that the leadership of tomorrow will develop its strengths above all in digital scenarios. It must be able to connect the old IT world with the many options and opportunities of the "as-a-servi... read more

What impact does digitalization have on our environment? 22. June 2017

In an IAAS study on the subject of Industry 4.0, published in the "International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing", participants were asked about the effects on the sustainability of digitization and the jobs in Germany and China. The Chinese labor market shows changes other than the German ones. 88 percent of respondents say that there will be fewer jobs in manufacturing and ass... read more

Multi Cloud Sourcing via Hybrid Cloud Platform 14. June 2017

The consulting company Kuppinger Cole and Pierre Audoin Consultants has asked IT decision-makers about their opinions about companies and the use of different clouds in the study "How to Balance Digital Transformation and User Security". More than half of the world's IT companies already see their IT as "hybrid," two-thirds even claiming that their organization already has a lot of their infrastru... read more

Digital transformation in companies – profit centers instead of cost centers 9. June 2017

It is no secret that the transformation in IT is essential for companies to continue to be competitive. The participants of a study by DELL EMC see this as well. 1000 leading IT decision-makers were divided into stages 1-4 from "Legacy", "Emerging", "Evolving" to "Transformed" to find out what role the transformation of IT is heading to the digital enterprise and what status which companies have ... read more

Digitization: not yet electrifying for everyone 31. May 2017

Digitization affects different sectors in different ways. Until recently there were still sectors that would be completely spared from digitization - what does the farmer have to do with algorithms? What does the mason Big Data care? - This is becoming increasingly clear: these challenges are for no one to solve without a certain adaptation to the new circumstances. There are sectors where the inf... read more

Cloud computing: the backbone of industry 4.0 16. May 2017

Unlike other technology trends, Industry 4.0 cannot be reduced to a fundamental technology component. The concept is based on the interplay of many building blocks, which together result in an intelligently toothed system. This also results, for example, in the vision of the fully automated factory, which controls, monitors and optimizes itself. When looking closely, regardless of what this produc... read more

The Cloud speaks German 12. May 2017

Basically, it is a mistake to think about national computing in terms of cloud computing. The promise of the concept ultimately depends to a large extent on the availability of computational resources beyond national boundaries. At least, this applies to public cloud computing. On the other hand, freedom of choice for users today is so pronounced by private, public and hybrid cloud approaches that... read more

Compare the cloud to a ketchup bottle 10. May 2017

Who isn’t familiar with it? The portrait of the ketchup bottle, applied to processes and results-oriented processes, which sometimes take longer. For example, the symbol is often used by strikers in football, who do not hit the goal for a long time, but then exploding after a successful success story. Like the ketchup bottle. They are opened and shaken. Then for a long time nothing comes and sud... read more

GDPR: From the motivation problem to the time problem 4. May 2017

Not only has the IT security law with its KRITIS components kept the digital and digitized guild with its deadlines holding their breath. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also does. Striking difference: the punishment. If KRITIS is concerned, KRITIS already has a fee of EUR 50,000.00 from a superficial point of view. If the appropriate technical and organizational measures are not tak... read more

Industry 4.0: Of sheet metal and bytes 28. April 2017

This week the “Hannover Messe Industrie”, or also called “HMI”, takes place in Hanover. Launched decades ago as a performance showcase for German industry - especially mechanical engineering and related disciplines - the fair has undergone an astonishing transformation. While it was primarily the case that we could forgive ourselves for sheet metal and sheet metal related topics, today bit... read more