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This way you become a SaaS provider 25. April 2017

It is not a big secret that software-as-a-service is a major trend in the IT sector. For several years now, companies from a variety of industries have benefited from the fact that you no longer need to own software products in order to be able to use them in full and unlimited time. The cloud has ultimately been the driving force to help bring this concept to a breakthrough. According to a recent... read more

Hybrid Cloud on the advance 4. April 2017

What has cloud computing really made a point of discussion first and then popular? A promise, of course! Cloud Computing promises the flexible, scalable access to CPU, RAM and storage resources at the touch of a button, which should be as secure and powerful as proprietary systems. For a long time discussions in this context were conducted with cloud computing as an amorphous topic. The distinctio... read more

To the digital situation of the nation 23. March 2017

Always at the beginning of spring, Germany feels the digital pulse. We examine how we stand in comparison to other countries and how our technological "ego" can be characterized. Without a doubt, it's CeBIT time. Surprisingly, the reputation of the world's largest trade fair for IT - still the world's biggest exhibition for IT - is not associated with the importance of digitalization in the public... read more

Who wants to stand on just one leg? 10. March 2017

In the past few days the failures of the public cloud providers AWS and Microsoft Azure have caused a lot of trouble. At AWS allegedly a typing error during a routine maintenance worked the entire system to collapse. At Azure, users worldwide complained about problems logging in to various Microsoft services. This affected Outlook, Skype and Xbox Live.Also remain effective in case of failures ... read more

KRITIS: What the auditors will ask you 7. March 2017

Although the IT Security Act and the related KRITIS regulation have been in force for some time, there is still much uncertainty regarding implementation. It is certain that organizations from different industries and different sizes have to set up their IT infrastructure within a period of two years in such a way that they correspond to the general state of the art. However, this issue alone rais... read more

The future of data center operation 22. February 2017

How do German providers have to position themselves in the future in order to be successful? When the save-harbor agreement, a law that allowed the storage of personal data of EU citizens in the US until it was overturned by the European Court of Justice, seemed to be the time of German data center providers. Even if the strict data protection in Germany was seen as a valuable bonus, he was only ... read more

IT security at the top of the CIO’s agenda 22. February 2017

Those who wish to reap the benefits of digitalization must take special care of IT security. This realization is not necessarily exciting or new, but it is gaining more relevance every year if we look at the CIO’s agenda. Various aspects of graphics trend up and down in hype. Many questions emerge on the stage that seem at first incredibly urgent. However, in the fast-paced nature of digital bus... read more

Outsource what’s hurting you! 22. February 2017

In our Digital Evolution Blog, we address the most diverse areas to show how digitization in companies should not only contribute to the streamlining of processes. Anyone who views digital transformation only in terms of its cost-cutting aspects is ignoring at least 50 percent of the potential. The data available in IT departments, the rest of the company and from outside contribute to real innova... read more

Coping with the Complex Outsourcing in Banking Environment 10. February 2017

Hardly any industry is as strongly affected by the digital transformation as the banking sector, i.e. the banking institutes need to comply with the strict regulations involved. There are industries in which the influence of digitalization takes place fast and vigorously – for example in information technology, media as well as in banking and insurance – and there are industries where it takes... read more

Pets vs. Cattle was Yesterday 7. February 2017

When the Microsoft Manager Bill Baker brought the comparison of “Pets versus Cattle” into the debate for the first time, it was about showing two paradigms that seemed to be a mismatch in the reality of IT-strategy. In this connection, it was used to show the traditional and the innovative way of IT-operation. In the traditional IT-world, servers were treated like pets. These were nurtured ... read more