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Specialized IT Security Expertise Crucial in Today’s World 23. September 2016

In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, machines are increasingly networked. A development that also contains inherent dangers. This is because such networks are an open invitation to cyber criminals if they are not sufficiently secured. The German federal government has already recognized these dangers and taken a crucial first step with its “Digital Agenda” and the IT Security Act to ensure tha... read more

Room for innovations 29. August 2016

The current Global Innovation Index by A.T. Kearney was quite clear: German companies are in danger of being overrun by disruptive innovations. Digital platform operators and agile start-ups challenge entire business models overnight. When surveyed, 60 percent of more than 100 international managers felt that one-fifth of their turnover is threatened by this transformed economy within the next fiv... read more

Smart Home: No chance for digital burglars 10. June 2016

Effective burglar protection is already not very easy to accomplish in the analog world. With the advent of intelligent home systems that are linked to the Internet, safety issues are increasingly transferred to the virtual world as well. Smart homes must be protected from thieves – the tools for this are access limitations, firewalls, and warning systems.Users of smart home solutions should... read more

Big Data and The Internet of Things: Data Management is the Key 11. May 2016

Big Data and the Internet of Things invariably generate huge amounts of data. For example, in the industry sector, sensors often determine to the millisecond the up-to-date status of systems and objects, generating data that must be processed and stored. The mere gathering of information is not enough; it must also comprehensively analyzed in a targeted manner. This process should involve as much ... read more

Virtual Reality – the “emotionalization” of company data 25. April 2016

The digital era has changed the dynamics of supply and marketing. Commercial offers of today include new digital services such as tracking services for deliveries or the remote diagnosis of machines online– and the list goes on endlessly. When it comes to selling these services however, the major challenge consists in the fact that, while customers are excellently informed about products and pri... read more

EU-US Privacy Shield – Old Wine in New Skins? 2. March 2016

BackgroundWhen the European Court of Justice ruled on October 6, 2015 that the Safe Harbor agreement between the EU and the USA, which had been in place since the year 2000, was no longer valid (Schrems decision), there was a major outcry. The future of the transfer of personal data to the USA was at stake, affecting more than 4000 companies. Even though various instruments were and continue t... read more

Digitization Powers Hybrid Clouds 29. February 2016

Even though clouds are advancing slowly, they are nevertheless the standard of the future. This is, simply stated, the belief held by German companies. According to the IDC study "Hybrid Cloud in Germany 2015/16", companies are considerably picking up the pace when it comes to the digital transformation. In 2015, one in four German companies already utilized hybrid clouds, which is an increase of ... read more

Digital Security – All gaps sealed in the sea of data 12. February 2016

Digitization without the use of modern technology? Unthinkable! With the advent of cloud computing, the Internet of things and data mobility, industrial applications are linked to everyday life at a tearing pace. It seems almost magical that we can practically access the entire wealth of human knowledge through devices that fit into our pockets. Similarly, with a few clicks we have items delivered... read more

Darmstadt: the city of the future 28. January 2016

Shortly after the start of the New Year, Darmstadt had every reason to celebrate again – it was declared the German metropolis with the most secure future-ready infrastructure. This was established by the new "Zukunftsindex 2030" (future index 2030) that was generated for the first time based on the renowned city ranking of IW Consult in cooperation with Wirtschaftswoche magazine and Immobiliens... read more

The color of the cloud – how companies select the hyperscaler that is suited to their needs 20. January 2016

It is quite obvious and supported by many studies that hybrid cloud solutions offer greater freedom than on-premise models or public cloud computing. However, does the hybrid cloud even exist in reality already? Have you been able to this date to seamlessly move your private cloud, public cloud, and co-location data and to combine, scale and compare all data in real time? This comfort has previous... read more