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Waiting and Observing the Safe Harbor Agreement 14. December 2015

The official announcement came in early October- the harbor master, in this case the European Court of Justice, declared the Safe Harbor Agreement between the U.S. and Europe invalid, initiating a dam on the flow of data from Europe to the USA. As a result of this decision, the transfer of European citizen's data to the U.S. is no longer valid. The decision has much more extensive ramifications t... read more

The digital evolution is picking up pace 10. December 2015

Web economics expert Dr. Holger Schmidt, who has been closely familiar with the technology scene for many years, stated it bluntly – recent developments are bad news for people with digitalization phobia. From 2020, the pace of digital transformation will pick up considerably and crucial tipping points for further development are expected. These are milestones that mark the point at which the pr... read more