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IT security at the top of the CIO’s agenda 22. February 2017

Those who wish to reap the benefits of digitalization must take special care of IT security. This realization is not necessarily exciting or new, but it is gaining more relevance every year if we look at the CIO’s agenda. Various aspects of graphics trend up and down in hype. Many questions emerge on the stage that seem at first incredibly urgent. However, in the fast-paced nature of digital bus... read more

Pets vs. Cattle was Yesterday 7. February 2017

When the Microsoft Manager Bill Baker brought the comparison of “Pets versus Cattle” into the debate for the first time, it was about showing two paradigms that seemed to be a mismatch in the reality of IT-strategy. In this connection, it was used to show the traditional and the innovative way of IT-operation. In the traditional IT-world, servers were treated like pets. These were nurtured ... read more

Anything but Alternative Facts – The Cloud is Reality in German Companies 25. January 2017

A current study released by IDC concerning the dissemination of cloud computing in German companies proves what DARZ has already sermonised for some time. As laid down, the dissemination of cloud technology has strongly advanced, independent of both size and kind of company as well as interdepartmentally. In this connection, a cloud can no longer be considered a niche product and thankfully, all... read more

High privacy level thanks to the new Privacy Shield? 20. October 2016

When the Safe Harbor agreement, which for more than a decade illustrated the legitimacy of transferring personal data to the USA, was annulled with immediate effect by decision of the ECJ in October 2015, this left a legal vacuum that had to be filled in the months that followed.In February of this year, the EU Commission presented the draft of the successor document it calls the EU-US Privacy... read more

When the lack of a cloud strategy slows down the digital transformation 18. October 2016

Variable cloudy and clear skies. That is how one could describe the cloud market in Germany at the moment, which has developed quite slowly over the last few years by international comparison. Despite the fact that the adoption rate of cloud applications rose by 70 percent last year, according a recent IDC CloudView Survey. That is a pretty high increase. Nevertheless, the lack of strategic approa... read more

Working in a Network – A Must in Today’s Business World 28. September 2016

In 2017, one in every two companies wants to provide virtual IT jobs from the public cloud as reported in the IDC study “Advanced Workplace Strategies in Deutschland 2016.” It’s no wonder because an increasing number of employees – especially from Generation Y – want their workplaces to be “any place, any time.” Many companies are therefore focusing on networked activities. Since so ... read more

EU-US Privacy Shield – Old Wine in New Skins? 2. March 2016

BackgroundWhen the European Court of Justice ruled on October 6, 2015 that the Safe Harbor agreement between the EU and the USA, which had been in place since the year 2000, was no longer valid (Schrems decision), there was a major outcry. The future of the transfer of personal data to the USA was at stake, affecting more than 4000 companies. Even though various instruments were and continue t... read more

Digitization Powers Hybrid Clouds 29. February 2016

Even though clouds are advancing slowly, they are nevertheless the standard of the future. This is, simply stated, the belief held by German companies. According to the IDC study "Hybrid Cloud in Germany 2015/16", companies are considerably picking up the pace when it comes to the digital transformation. In 2015, one in four German companies already utilized hybrid clouds, which is an increase of ... read more

The color of the cloud – how companies select the hyperscaler that is suited to their needs 20. January 2016

It is quite obvious and supported by many studies that hybrid cloud solutions offer greater freedom than on-premise models or public cloud computing. However, does the hybrid cloud even exist in reality already? Have you been able to this date to seamlessly move your private cloud, public cloud, and co-location data and to combine, scale and compare all data in real time? This comfort has previous... read more

Waiting and Observing the Safe Harbor Agreement 14. December 2015

The official announcement came in early October- the harbor master, in this case the European Court of Justice, declared the Safe Harbor Agreement between the U.S. and Europe invalid, initiating a dam on the flow of data from Europe to the USA. As a result of this decision, the transfer of European citizen's data to the U.S. is no longer valid. The decision has much more extensive ramifications t... read more