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Coping with the Complex Outsourcing in Banking Environment 10. February 2017

Hardly any industry is as strongly affected by the digital transformation as the banking sector, i.e. the banking institutes need to comply with the strict regulations involved. There are industries in which the influence of digitalization takes place fast and vigorously – for example in information technology, media as well as in banking and insurance – and there are industries where it takes... read more

Nobody Digitises by Himself 20. January 2017

In our Digital Evolution Blog, we mentioned already the digitisation should be focussed on medium-sized companies and – in the long run – all industries. However, it is not only about industries and markets but also about the size of the companies. From corporations over medium-sized companies up to start-ups, they all are a part of it. You could assume that start-ups due to their vision and... read more

Data management brews the perfect coffee 29. November 2016

What hasn’t been said about the Internet of Things lately. It’s the next big thing, it opens up new business opportunities, it’s changing our daily life. But honestly, only a few of us believe it. Most of us are perfectly happy to patiently wait and see what happens. But now the IoT really has gotten serious – no, not to see, but to taste: Tchibo now offers networked coffee machines. Indi... read more

Don’t give up – digitize! 15. November 2016

These days, hardly a week goes by without an examination of the trends, effects, opportunities and challenges of digitization. There probably isn’t a single industry or market that doesn’t have to deal with this issue. So it isn’t surprising that the current “Digitization Index” from Telekom and Techconsult comes to the conclusion that German companies are intensely concerned with digiti... read more

Room for innovations 29. August 2016

The current Global Innovation Index by A.T. Kearney was quite clear: German companies are in danger of being overrun by disruptive innovations. Digital platform operators and agile start-ups challenge entire business models overnight. When surveyed, 60 percent of more than 100 international managers felt that one-fifth of their turnover is threatened by this transformed economy within the next fiv... read more

Digital Security – All gaps sealed in the sea of data 12. February 2016

Digitization without the use of modern technology? Unthinkable! With the advent of cloud computing, the Internet of things and data mobility, industrial applications are linked to everyday life at a tearing pace. It seems almost magical that we can practically access the entire wealth of human knowledge through devices that fit into our pockets. Similarly, with a few clicks we have items delivered... read more

Darmstadt: the city of the future 28. January 2016

Shortly after the start of the New Year, Darmstadt had every reason to celebrate again – it was declared the German metropolis with the most secure future-ready infrastructure. This was established by the new "Zukunftsindex 2030" (future index 2030) that was generated for the first time based on the renowned city ranking of IW Consult in cooperation with Wirtschaftswoche magazine and Immobiliens... read more

The digital evolution is picking up pace 10. December 2015

Web economics expert Dr. Holger Schmidt, who has been closely familiar with the technology scene for many years, stated it bluntly – recent developments are bad news for people with digitalization phobia. From 2020, the pace of digital transformation will pick up considerably and crucial tipping points for further development are expected. These are milestones that mark the point at which the pr... read more