Docker & Container-as-a-Service from DARZ

  • Benefits of Container-as-a-Service at a glance:
  • Virtualization solution for agile software development
  • Immediate use (Platform-as-a-Service)
  • Complete lifecycle management of containers
  • Real-time monitoring of the infrastructure
  • Guaranteed high availability of data and performance of the system
  • Maximum data security and persistence
  • Reduced costs through optimal resource utilization
  • Consumption-based billing model “pay per use”

Today, your company’s competitiveness depends on how fast you can digitize business models and processes. This hinges upon how your IT can quickly and cost-effectively develop new mobile and cloud-based applications. A high level of development and innovation is not possible with traditional IT infrastructures. With Docker & Container-as-a-Service (CaaS), DARZ provides a solution based on NetApp storage systems that enables you to deploy new applications and software functions within a very short time. The principle of “containerization” is another step towards virtualization which ties applications together with all accessories into transportable packages (called containers) and transfers them to the cloud. DARZ provides this service, fully integrated into the first real hybrid cloud platform and as an extension of the data fabric approach from NetApp. It includes a seamless combination of colocation, private cloud, public cloud and, at last, containers. This is unique innovation powered by DARZ.

Saving time and money using Container-as-a-Service

This modular concept is a decisive step towards more cost-efficiency and speed, enabling your company to achieve decisive competitive advantages. This is currently true for both development and productive scenarios. This suggests the so-called DevOps. The term is composed of “Dev,” which represents the software developers, and “Ops,” which stands for IT operation. The combination to the merged term “DevOps” intuitively symbolizes a close alliance between software developers and IT operation. This is, in fact, the basic idea of DevOps and the trigger of the associated movement: a convergence of the two areas of software development and IT operation, which are fundamentally different in traditional perception.

Infrastructure as Code by DARZ

Against this background, it is often essential to rebuild infrastructure and to revive code and product development processes to deal with the unprecedented degree of connectivity and the speed of market launches. One possibility for this is to break down the operational processes to the code level and implement a concept known as Infrastructure as Code. In essence, Infrastructure as Code represents a shift from manual processes to automated procedures. Most importantly, the concept provides a reproducibility that can improve quality and increase the efficiency of infrastructures. Companies that use this new concept to build IT architectures can quickly implement new servers, automate test and development cycles and respond to feedback from partners and customers.

NetApp & Cloud Foundry: concentrated know-how for your virtualization

To provide you this transparent, highly available and secure all-in-one solution as an immediately ready for use technology, DARZ relies on NetApp storage systems and the Cloud Foundry expertise of evoila. CaaS is available in three main categories: colocation, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and Storage-as-a-Service.

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