Docker powered by DARZ

Docker is an open source software that is used to isolate applications in containers by using operating system virtualization. On the one hand, this simplifies the provision of applications because containers containing all necessary packages can easily be transported and installed as files. On the other hand, containers ensure the separation of the resources used on a computer because any one container does not have access to the resources of another container. DARZ uses Docker technology to develop its Docker & Container-as-a-Service offering together with evoila and NetApp.

What characterizes Docker

Docker is based on Linux technologies such as Cgroups and Namespaces to create containers. While having initially used the LXC interface of the Linux kernel, Docker developers have now developed their own programming interface called Libcontainer, which is also available for other projects. Docker uses the overlay file system AuFS as a storage backend, but since version 0.8, the software also supports btrfs.

In principle, Docker is aligned to the virtualization with Linux, but with the support of VirtualBox it can also be used on OS X and Windows, especially for development. Since resource separation is not completely secure with the techniques underlying Docker alone such as Namespaces and Cgroups, the company has implemented Red Hat support for their security technology SELinux, which additionally secures the containers at the level of the host system.

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