Hybrid Cloud from DARZ – Seamlessly Combinable

The highlight of the hybrid cloud solution from DARZ is its flexibility of use as well as its seamless combinability. Enterprises deal with a high organizational effort to ensure the provision of respective infrastructure (data center, connection, security) by other providers. This is where DARZ’s solution comes in. It not only unifies the worlds of the public and private cloud, but also introduces the consideration of colocation aspects.

A Central Data Source

The concept is made possible by storing the data to be processed in a central storage system. The hybrid cloud platform lets you choose in real-time from which processing unit the computer resources, like CPU and RAM, are obtained – from the private cloud, the public cloud or the colocation infrastructure. Storage resources and processing resources are separated from each other. In this way, you can always obtain the computing resources where it is currently most useful or most efficient, and still have no need to migrate any records. Never before has there been such a high degree of efficiency, flexibility, scalability, performance and, above all, safety.

The Hybrid Cloud as an Innovation Platform

The hybrid cloud concept from DARZ not only enables the seamless integration of private cloud, public cloud and colocation. The approach also makes the effortless integration of consulting and other know-how in the form of partnerships possible. In this sense, the hybrid cloud acts as an innovation platform within our Data Centric Universe. The clever connection with our other modular Data Centric Services enables startups, SMEs and larger companies to draw on efficient resources more flexibly than ever.

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