Private Cloud from DARZ

  • Private Cloud Benefits at a Glance:
  • Can be implemented in different fire sections
  • Optional as a dual data center solution in accordance with the highest security standards, including synchronously mirrored storage systems
  • Maximum data security
  • Consulting for in-house storage
  • Compliance with Basel III and Luxembourg Ordinance

Many companies choose to use a private cloud solution. It can be located either within the company or with an external service provider like DARZ that sets up a private cloud specifically for the company. It is then completely shielded from other companies. Security can be further optimized using complementary security mechanisms such as encrypted connections and data encryption.

Your Individualized Private Cloud

In the private IaaS environment, DARZ relies on VMware and OpenStack. You decide which feature base you prefer. In addition, you can decide whether they can run together on hardware with other systems, supported by multi-client capability and complete separation representing a maximum of scalability and cost-efficiency, or whether you want your own infrastructure with dedicated hardware. At DARZ, you can select this at any time as needed and adjust it with our various managed service levels.

Private Cloud Services – You Have the Choice

You choose whether you want to use the self-service portal to your software-defined data center to carry out configurations yourself, want to construct a mixed form with services through DARZ, or want operations managed completely by DARZ. You then decide across how many sites your IaaS should be distributed synchronously or asynchronously. This can be a data center module or a fire section or over two or more data centers. As a full-service IT provider, DARZ benefits from its partnerships and can offer solutions from mirrored data centers of the highest performance class – not only in the Rhine-Main region, but beyond – with full certification from BaFIN and the Luxembourg Ordinance. We can also do this globally through our data center partners.

Public Cloud – Security, Quality and Availability

DARZ stands for the highest security, quality and availability. This is self-evident across our entire service portfolio. When your IT department reaches its limits, we support you with monitoring and operation of your infrastructure up to OS level. This allows you to concentrate on your core applications and business without having to worry about IT.

Employees with Cloud Know-How

Our employees are Vmware-, Microsoft-, Linux- and NetApp-certified and experienced consultants with many years of expertise in the operation of IT infrastructures in the banking and insurance industries. We combine the highest security and quality with flexibility for large companies and SMEs. In this way, our colocation offer can be modularly combined with the tailormade services necessary for your company’s success.

Our IaaS offer is DBCE- and TÜV-certified based and based on either OpenStack or VMware with the Enterprise Feature Set. On request, we can implement private dedicated, private shared or public environments and operate them for our customers – for the highest quality, security and availability, even in mirrored data centers.

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