Dedicated Infrastructure from DARZ

In the face of diverse requirements, you need a dedicated infrastructure, but do you want to have to worry about hardware, cabling, and software licenses for virtualization? We will build your individually dedicated solution according to your wishes and operate it for you. The dedicated infrastructure must be differentiated from the virtual servers or shared servers that are increasingly used in recent years, since this is technically not a server but the provision of power and infrastructure.

An IT Infrastructure Just for You

When using a dedicated infrastructure as a customer, you are assured of all hardware components for your own use. Partitioning takes place usually only in the case of a cluster – a combination of several servers. In this case, however, the cluster would only operate in parallel and not accumulated. When idle, these servers cannot propagate their performance to other cluster groups. In this way, guaranteed performance is always accessible – even if the server is subject to strong load fluctuations.

Advantages of a Dedicated Infrastructure

The advantage of a dedicated server solution is that you can use it 100 percent by yourself and do not have to share the IT infrastructure with anyone. The solution can also be configured according to your needs. This allows even critical applications to be operated without problems in a third-party data center. Dedicated IT solutions can also benefit from surrounding infrastructure that is always technically up-to-date. DARZ’s high-security data center has modern access control systems, extinguishing systems and power interrupters.

The Architecture of the IT Infrastructure

At DARZ, you have the possibility to operate your infrastructure in different concepts or architectures. You can choose whether your IT should be in one or two fire compartments to gain additional security in disaster scenarios. Next to that, you can also choose whether your IT infrastructure should be located in two separate data centers. We facilitate such scenarios with partners and can roll these concepts out globally. Through our data center partners in Frankfurt, located around 20 miles (30 kilometers) from Darmstadt, it is even possible to comply with BaFin and the Luxembourg Ordinance when it comes to fail-safe IT and other areas of threat. In our modular service scenario, you ultimately decide whether the two data centers should process your data synchronously or asynchronously.

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