Shared Infrastructure by DARZ

A so-called Shared IT Infrastructure combines technologies for virtualization of hardware, management software and the automation of storage, server and network processes, with which applications, data and resources can be managed securely, efficiently and economically. Server virtualization reduces hardware requirements. Network virtualization switches allows servers and storage to communicate over a single structure, reducing the amount of ports and cables.

Analysis of IT Infrastructure

The analysis of existing IT infrastructure is essential for migration to a shared IT infrastructure because it identifies particularly poorly utilized resources. ROI Consulting sums up a variety of cost considerations and opportunities for savings through technological optimization. In doing so, the ROI of individual measures can be measured not only in ports, terabytes and CPU cycles, but most of all in euros, dollars and pounds.

Strong combination possibilities

For a shared IT infrastructure, basic products and services from different manufacturers can be combined. However, the more efficient and better integrated they are, the greater the effect. In our shared environment at DARZ, we ensure complete separation for each customer through technologies from VMware, Cisco and NetApp as well as Sophos and Checkpoint in the firewall area. This means a software-defined data center at its finest.

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