Business Continuity Management Solutions and Services from DARZ

In the age of IT-driven value creation models, Business Continuity Management is of particular importance. Why? The temporary or complete breakdown of IT infrastructure means high revenue losses for your company, or could mean the end in some particularly serious cases. You have to defend yourself from the failure of your IT and the data loss caused by technical errors, sabotage or other disasters such as fire. There are fitting solutions for Business Continuity Management, however, with our services Backup-as-a-Service or Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, for example, which gets your IT back up and operational within a very short time.

A Well-Engineered Concept: Cost-Effective, Modular and Secure Business Continuity Management Solutions

For Business Continuity Management, we work on the basis of private shared IaaS resources and VMware Site Recovery Manager or Veeam functionalities for a cost-effective emergency concept. Replication allows emergency operations to continue the critical business functions of our customers without interruption. More than 100 emergency workstations (dedicated or shared), as well as sufficient parking and overnight accommodations are available for the IT staff of our colocation and IT services customers at the DARZ building. DARZ is happy to support partners with the implementation of individual solutions, if necessary, for Business Continuity Management.

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