Dual Data Center

Solutions for mirrored data centers must meet the highest demands for security and high availability. DARZ therefore partners with data centers in Frankfurt (Global Switch, Equinix, Telehouse, for example). This means that DARZ’s complete service portfolio is also available to the sites there, both locally and globally. The distance of 30 kilometers to the data centers in Frankfurt allows for easy realization of cost-efficient synchronously mirrored storage systems without caching. Here, the ideal redundant, intersection-free and edged disjunctive connection ensures the lowest latencies. In addition, due to the 30 kilometer distance, this solution is conformant with the regulations of Basel III and the Luxembourg Regulation (mandatory distances between sites in different earthquake, flooding and bad weather zones). Models that also include a third data center or use of the nuclear bomb shelter at DARZ are also possible for data backup, offsite storage and archiving.

Our IT services are available at all partner data centers. Managed Services are also possible as a high-security solution, perhaps IaaS synchronously mirrored at two data centers.

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