Colocation by Satellite Connection and Radio Relay: Additional Connections to the DARZ Data Center

At DARZ, you do not have to adapt to our Data Centric Services: our Data Centric Universe adapts to your needs, so you always find the right services you require. This also applies, of course, to the type of connection in the high-security data center. Basically, the DARZ high-security data center is one of the best-connected locations in Germany. That message is made clear with its access to more than 500 carriers, all relevant hyperscalers and the availability of a dedicated fiber optic ring to Frankfurt with a measured roundtrip time of just 0.4ms. In addition, you also have the possibility to distribute your data through radio and satellite connections.

Data Transmission by Satellite Connection

When you send data by a satellite connection, you benefit from a high degree of security and performance. This type of data transfer is particularly suitable for distributing information from one location to several other sites in use. Data transmission by satellite (DASAT) connections are available at transmission rates between 64kbit/s and 1.92 Mb/s in the form of a point-to-point connection or as a multi-point connection.

Data Transmission by Radio

Radio is very well suited to act as a backup and alternative to a cable / fiber optic connection. Partners from DARZ operate radio relays in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region which are broadcast from the high-security data center. Data transmission between two locations can also be carried out over longer distances using directional radio. The technology was first used in the field of telephony and in the transmission of TV programs.

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