Application Level Gateway

The “Application Level Gateway” (ALS) is a firewall on application level. With its help, applications such as http-protocols or emails can be secured against attacks of hackers.

Archiving and Backup

Solutions to archive and secure files and folders ensure their recovery in the cloud. As the data are stored outside the company, the risk of a data loss is minimised further.

Asynchron Data Mirroring

The widespread asynchron data mirroring describes the prompt storage of data. It is mainly applied for arrays, networks and hosting-based replication tools. This kind of storage is guided by the source system, buffers the data resp. organises the data transfer to the...


In order to avoid data loss, a backup creates security copies of existing data. Backups encompass als technical and organisational measures securing the availability, integrity and consistency of the systems. All data, programmes and processes used for processing...


The term backup has several meanings. In computing, a backup describes the process of securing data on a computer, in telecommunications, it is the automatic provision of alternative transfer option to be steeled against line failure.

Backup and Recovery

“Backup and Recovery” describes a process to create data copies (backups) which aim at recovering data (recovery). The process is applied if the original data were either deleted or corrupted.

Backup as a Service

The BaaS-model (“Backup as a service”-model) denotes a double data security. All data are stored in their local environment, the data will also be stored on the servers of external IT service providers.

Band Management

For the professional data storage, bar codes are used on the tape media. The backup software recognises automatically whether the band stored in the band library is the correct one and gives information about the content that had been stored. The band management must...

Basic Security Check

According to the definition layed down in the IT-base protection, the base security check reviews which recommended security measures have already been realised and which measures still need to implemented.

Business Continuity (BC)

Business Continuity (BC) describes a strategy to secure uninterrupted operation. It is used to protect against possible emergencies and to avoid data loss.