Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing is an instrument of digital marketing and an online ad format. Affiliates (owners of a website) provide space to advertisers (advertising companies) sothat these might integrate ad banners. In return, the affiliates receive a commision if a...


An asset is considered everything that is of value for a company/an institution such as wealth, knowledge, devices and health.

Basel III

In colloquial language known as “Basel III”, this package deals with the overall regulations on equity defined by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. In 2006, the rules became effective in the European Union, in Germany they are implemented within...


Biometrics describe the automatic identification of persons with their physical characteristics. These may be applied to the clear authentification of users. The following characteristics may be used: Iris, finger print, facial proportions, voice and language...


Both backup and restore are technically demanding. Via various steps (agents, file system, network), the server must deliver a constant data stream to the streamer so that it can write data to a band with minimum speed. A cache in the streamer as well as variable band...

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a process for the development of provision systems and recovery of data in order to avert possible hazards.

Business to Business

The term B2B stands for Business to Business (company to company). It describes the commercial relations between at least two companies. Due to the large number of online wholsale portals in which retailers may buy just like in an online shop, the classical definition...

Business to Consumer

The term B2C means Business to Consumer. It outlines the business relations between a company (seller) and a consumer (buyer).

Check List

A check list is a list in which all operations are entered that need to be processed. They are used to check the completeness.