The Triple-A-System is mainly applied by network operators and in the internet. It serves as intelligent access control to web-based networks. The triple A stands for “Authentification” , “Authorisation” and “Accounting”.

Access Control List (ACL)

Access Control Lists (ACL) are documents for the control of access rights. They define which user (group) is permitted to access certain files or to withdraw such rights.

Active Directory

The Active Directory (AD) is a centralised directory service by Microsoft. It stores and manages all user data such as email-address and name. Next to the computers belonging to the network, AD manages other network devices such as printers, too.


ActiveX is only available for Windows and is used for the management of individual components. Via Active X, third-party objects may be embedded. As ActiveX is of questionable security, a use should be considered carefully.


The add-on widens the range of functions of existing hardware and software respectively adds new functions. Add-ons are divided into three groups: the extented function of a browser, changes of the displayed browser layout or the reproduction of other content through...

Additional Security Analysis

According to the standards laid down in the IT-base-security, an additional security analysis is necessary if certain target objects of the respective information network have an increased protection need, but which cannot be modelled in a suitable way or applied in...


In Windows, an administrator takes care of the management and maintenance of the computer. Prior to exercising the administration rights, he had to be registered in the system.

Advanced Encryption Standards

AES (Advanced Encryptions Standards) describes a symmetric block cipher procedure which transforms a clearly readable text into a string. In this process, the sender encrypts his text by a mathematical procedure, the receiver uses the same procedure to decode the...


Adware (“Ad” stands for advertisement and “ware” is a syllable from software) are software programmes which constantly display unwanted advertisements in the form of banners or pop-ups.


All-Flash-Arrays are a new generation of data storage which is not – as before – put on a hard drive. Instead, only Solid State Drives (SSD) cover for a high storage capacity.