The ABC-analysis categorises the products used in a project in three groups – A, B and C. A-rated products are vital for the execution of a project, B-rated products are of medium significance and C-rated products have but a small weight. This analysis can be a...


An alert indicates to problems which incur when using the functions of hardware and software and is initiated by the computer itself.


The authorisation reviews if a person, a component or an application is authorised for the execution of an action.

Business Continuity Management

The “Business Continuity Management” (short: BCM) contains all organisational, technical and personal measures implemented to continue the core business of an authority or a company after a case of emergency. In case of long-lasting failures or...

Business Continuity Strategy

The “Business Continuity Strategy” outlines the chosen approach of warranty for the maintenance important business activities and processes in case of an emergency. It is developed by the company site and creates the basis for the development of a suitable...


In computing, a certificate is used to achieve an electronic authentication by means of a digital signature. They were created by the certification department by means of a private key. There are quite a few kinds of certificate: the IT-baseline certificate (it...

Directive for Emergencies

The “directive for emergencies” is created by the IT-service-continuity-management and contains detailed instructions about the processes’ time and nature for disaster prevention.

Information Index for Disasters

The information index for disasters contains all information relevant for the occurence of a disaster. It is managed by the IT-service-continuity-management and distributed to all staff members with responsibility for the disaster management.

IT-Service Continuity Plan

To support a ITSCM-strategy, IT-Service-Continuity-Plans are drawn up. They contain information on how to achieve the continuity in case of certain disasters. Moreover, they encompass detailed measures with the help of which the fault tolerance may be increased or to...

IT-Service Continuity Report

The IT-Service-Continuity-Report is created on a regular basis and contains current developments concerning disaster preparedness. The report is an important source of information for both other service management processes and the IT-management.