Aggregates poole the RAID-disk space in NetAPP FAS Ontap. They are applied for the flexible assignment of disk space in clouds, so that the existing storage capacity can be fully employed.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

From 2006 on, Amazon Web Services (AWS) are offered. Several web services belong to the US-american company Amazon. Many IT applications such as Dropbox, Netflix, Foursquare, Reddit or HootSuite use the cloud of AWS to provide their products. Together with Microsoft...

Check Point

The software provider “Check Point Software Technologies Ltd” is known for its firewall and the Virtual Private Network products (VPN-products). The company had been founded in 1993 in Israel, 3,400 staff work for it. The head office and technology centre...


CloudSigma is a Swiss IT-provider that operates clouds for Switzerland, Europe, America and the APAC-states. The company offers a 24/7-support for the clouds.


The DARZ GmbH is a Full-Service-Provider for IT-solutions located in Darmstadt, Germany.


A Docker is an open-source software used to isolate applications via OS-vitualisation in containers. With it, applications can be provided easier as the containers with all the necessary pakets may be transported and installed in a better way.


The Dropbox is an internet service that enables the saving and later retrieval of data from different terminals and from anywhere which were stored on a remote system.


A FlexClone® makes it possible to develop and test applications faster by immediately creating space-efficient data replicas. Thus, development cycles can be shortened, the service levels are improved.