Admission Control

With the Admission Control, the system checks whether there are sufficient memory resources available in order to guarantee a smooth operation.

Base Disk

The base disk is the native disk drive a virtual machine (VM) is derived from.


A cluster contains groups of server that host a virtual machine in a virtual environment.


A virtualisation on operating system level, other computer programmes within a closed container receive a complete virtual runtime environment. In containers, it is impossible to run two operating systems respectively two versions of the same operating system. In...

Container Administration

The management of the containers is a service for supporting the docker containers. On clusters, users may execute applications in managed instances, there is no need for a cluster management software and for concepting fault-tolerant cluster architectures.

Data Virtualization

The “Data Virtualization Process” deals with abstracting various data sources by a single access layer.

Delta Disk

The delta disk describes the difference between the current condition of the virtual disk and the condition at the time of the creation of the delta disk. Delta disks are used for snapshot copies of virtual machines and linked-clone technologies.

Dependent Disk

Dependent Disks are standard disks for VMDK-files. If a snapshot of a virtual machine is taken, all dependent disks are included in the snapshot.

Distributed Port

A “Distributed Port” is a port on a distributed Ethernet-switch that connects the VMkernel to a host or to a network adapter of a virtual machine.

Distributed Port Group

A “Distributed Port Group” is a port group that is associated with a distributed switch and specified the port configuration for each member port.