Port Group

The “Port Group” is a configuration composition of virtual network options such as bandwith limitations and the VLAN tagging policies for each member port.

Protected Site

A protected site is a Data Centre that contains virtual machines used to replicate data to a disaster recovery site.

Protection Group

A protected group describes a number of virtual machines that need to be specially protected in case of a disaster. These virtual machines are collectively redirected to the disaster recovery site.


The “Quiescing” is bringing the data lying on a disk of a physical or virtual computer into a consistant state suitable for backups.

Recovery Sites

A recovery site (RS) is a Data Centre that contains virtual machines and applications that continue to operate if the protected site is unavailable. RS supports critical business needs.

Recovery Virtual Machine

The recovery virtual machine is a placeholder for a protected virtual machine. These placeholders represent the virtual machines that are replicated from the protected site.

Resource Pool

The resource pool is a logical abstraction of hierarchically managed CPUs and memory resources. An administrator uses a resource pool to divide and allocate resources to virtual machines.

Standard Switch

The standard switch is a device in a virtual network that creates and manages individual host-levels.

Virtual Infrastructure of Data Carriers

The infrastructure of data carriers offers a permanent, contant storage volume for accessing a virtual computer. Moreover, the data infrastructure allows the selection of different types of the underlying physical server as well as the performance features.

Virtual Machine

A virtual machine (VM) is an empty, isolated virtual environment drawn on a real platform, keeping virtual hardware (processor, working storage, hart disks, network etc.) at hand. A virtualisation product takes of the management and is that location which also...