The back bone is a line for the transfer of larger amounts of data. It gathers the data of the systems it is connected to. Locally, it connects Local Area Networks (LAN) so that a Wide Area Network (WAN) can be created. Within the LAN, the back bone is used to...


A backdoor comprises malware that leave the door open for the unauthorised access to an IT-system. This enables an undetected intrusion into the system. The malware contains extensive access rights to cover up their tracks.


The backend constitutes the administration panel of a website and belongs to the Content Management System (CMS). Via the backend, authorised staff can enter and change content as well as develop or change the website. Generally, several staff members work hand in...

Backend Process Logic

In the frame of the logic of the backend process, the administrator panel is diverted into the cloud. The execution of backend processes functions easily, a server does neither need to be provided nor managed.


A backlink is a web link that refers from another website back to the own one. Backlinks are important for the optimisation of the web page according to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)-criteria. The more reputable these backlinks are, the better is the ranking of the...


The term backup has several meanings. In computing, a backup describes the process of securing data on a computer, in telecommunications, it is the automatic provision of alternative transfer option to be steeled against line failure.


In order to avoid data loss, a backup creates security copies of existing data. Backups encompass als technical and organisational measures securing the availability, integrity and consistency of the systems. All data, programmes and processes used for processing...

Backup and Recovery

“Backup and Recovery” describes a process to create data copies (backups) which aim at recovering data (recovery). The process is applied if the original data were either deleted or corrupted.

Backup as a Service

The BaaS-model (“Backup as a service”-model) denotes a double data security. All data are stored in their local environment, the data will also be stored on the servers of external IT service providers.

Backup Battery Unit (BBU) / Backup Battery Module (BBM)

The Backup Battery Unit (BBU) and the Backup Battery Module (BBM) define the battery of a RAID-controler that protects the writing cache from power cuts. The BBU is more and more replaced by a flash module with compensator. In case of a power failure, the content of...