In computing, a damage is considered an incident with a negative implication for a protective good.

Damage Forecast

A damage forecast is based on a hypothesis used to create a logic, consistent and transparent description of potential damage devolopments.

Damaging Effect

A damaging effect relates to the consilience of a hazard with a protected good in which the protected good is either damaged or destroyed.

Dark Fiber Ring

“Dark Fiber Rings” are high-speed data transmissions based on ring-shaped, dark fiber-optic cables.

Dark Fibre

The “Dark Fibres” refers to a pure, underground fibre optic cable. There are neither transmission systems nor switching technology

Dark Fibre

The performance of fibre optics is sold and rented blankly. The buyer/hirer are responsible for both the transmission and the devices for the transmission. They also define the application.


The DARZ GmbH is a Full-Service-Provider for IT-solutions located in Darmstadt, Germany.

Data Architecture and Design

The “Data Architecture and Design” describes how company data are structured. Mostly, this process is subdivided into three steps: 1. the conceptual structuring of the business units, 2. the logical mapping of the relations of a business unit and 3. the...

Data Archiving

The data activation refers to a process that identifies inactive data. These will then be transferred from active production programmes to a long-lasting archive storage. Through this shift, the performance of the resources can be optimised. Special archive systems...