Early Stage Financing

The term “Early Stage Financing” merges “early” and “stage”. It is about a kind of equity-financed startup funding for young startups. Startup fundings comprise generally smallish sums. The risk of loss is comparatively high as it...


In cloud computing, the term elasticity is used to reference the ability of a system to adapt to changing workloads and to describe changes.

Electric Control Technology

The electric control technology is a system to monitor the power-and-emergency-power-supply that includes both the network quality and the network quantity.

Electro-acoustic Public Address System

The electro-acoustic public address system is a sound system installed in public areas. In case of an emergency, it is used to alert persons and to issue instructions.

Electro-magnetic Compatibility

The electro-magnetic compatibility is a collective term for the effect of radio transmitters on organisms and technical systems. It relates to the ability of a device, networks (e.g. Local Area Networks) or systems to work properly within the electro-magnetic...

Electronic Identity Verification (eIDV)

“Electronic Identity Verification” (in short eIDV) is an alternative name for identity check. With hardly any costs, the web-based system may be used to verify the identity of persons.

Email Server

An email server takes emails, forwards and stores them or sends them itself. The email addresses managed by an email-server inherit their part of the domain from the domain name of the mail server.


The email-address is a unique digital address of a user/company and enables the electronic dispatch of messages and other content to customers and business partners.


An emergency is a situation with concern to the general public. Apart from self-help measures, also state-organised assistance is needed.

Emergency Generator

An emergency generator is a power plant run by a combustion engine. It is not used as permanent power supply but is of temporary nature. Emergency generators can have different wattages – from below one kilowatt up to several hundred kilowatts. Small devices are...