Federal CERT

The German “Computer Emergency Response Team” of the federal government (CERT-Bund) belongs to the Federal Office for Information Security Technology (BSI). It is the central point of contact for all federal offices to take preventive and reactive actions...

Federal Innovation Promotion Agency

Both the Innovation Promotion Agency and the Federal Innovation Promotion Agency (CTI/KTI) promotes the knowledge and technology transfer between universities and companies. It also aims at intensively coaching young startups and thus pave the way for a successful...

Federated Database

A Federated Database is a system on which multiple databases appear to function like a single entity. However, the databases integrated in the database work independently. Once connected, a federated database is formed.

Fiber Channel Network

Fibre Channels are standard interfaces for storage networks. The fibre channel has been developed for the fast but continuous transfer of large data amounts.

File Level

The duplication can also be executed on file level. In this procedure, identical data are only stored once. In case of a new attempt to save an indicator refers to the original file. This methodology is often used for the archiving of emails as the mailing lists often...

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

The network protocol “File Transfer Protocol” (FTP) serves as data transfer method between two servers or a server and a user. The FTP is used for uploading and downloading files.


Filesharing refers to the direct forwarding of data between users over the fileshare network.

Financial Rounds

Startups collect investor capital step by step. The individual steps are called financing rounds. The carry specific names such as “Seed-Rounds” or “Series A, B, C”. Depending on the financial rounds, startups yield stakes to investors...


“Fingerprinting” is a methodology to monitor software applications that are stored on a remote server. To generate a fingerprint, hash-values are compared.