Hadoop is an Open-Source Framework designed by Apache Foundation. It has been written on the basis of Java and is applied for the development of scalable, spread software within a cluster. It is based on Google’s MapReduce-algorithms as well as proposals to the...

Half-duplex Process

Within the half-duplex process, a data transfer is only working in one direction, i.e. only one communication partner is able to sent data.


HANA refers to a development platform for both hardware and software by the German software developer SAP. It has the function of the In-Memory-Computing for real-time analyses and large transaction volumes.


Hardware refers to the entire electronic part of a system.


A hazard describes a circumstance, process or state that might cause damage to a protected resource. Transferred to computing, such a damage could consist in a data loss.

Hazard Analysis

The hazard analysis describes a systematic procedure for the examination and provision of all conditions, circumstances and proceedings which may cause damages to a protected good.

Hazard Catalogues

The hazard catalogues are an integral part of the IT-base protection and contain descriptions of possible hazards in information technology. They are broken down to possible causes of damage, i.e. force majeur, organisational shortcomings, human and technical...

Hazard Prevention

The hazard prevention includes all measures taken to ward off damages of a protected good or to mitigate the consequences of a damage that had already occured. The hazard prevention comprises the general hazard prevention and the disaster control and civil defence. In...

Hazard Prognosis

A hazard prognosis is the forecast of hazards which is identified by circumstances defined in advance.

Hazard Prognosis

The hazard prognosis is a prediction about the dangers determined on the basis of defined circumstances.