Hot Spare

The hot spare refers to an additional disk within the storage system. If a disk fails, the hot spare takes up the functions of the deficient one automatically.

Hot Spot

In connection with IT-equipment, a hot spot relates to a high compression of waste heat to a small footprint. Hot spots need to be cooled intensively.


In housing, a service recipient (mainly a company) locates its own hardware respectively computer in the computer centre of an internet service provider (host). As the Data Centre has a comprehensive protection system (uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning,...

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud consists of both private clouds and public clouds. In it, the advantages of both cloud systems are combined according to the wishes and demands of the users.

Hybrid Flash Array

The hybrid flash array relates to a storage structure using at least two different storage media. One storage medium is a flash storage, as second medium a fibre channel, NL-SAS- or SATA-drives come into question, either alone or in combination.

Hybrid Storage

Via hybrid storage, local IT-environments are integrated into a cloud storage which automises the data management and their storage. In case of emergency, it offers additional support for restoring the data.

Hyper V

Hyper V is a sofware provided by Microsoft. It offers an infrastructure for the design and management of a virtual environment within a hybrid cloud that supports reaching the company’s targets.

Hyper-convergent Infrastructure Appliance

A hyper-convergent appliance for the infrastructure is composed by several modules such as server, network components and memory space and is mostly offered as integrated appliance. The processing in the Data Centre is down-marketed, moreover, it is becoming more...

Hyperscaler (Public Cloud)

Hyperscaler are large cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer, Microsoft Azure or Google. They use the internet to provide public clouds (software, platforms or infrastructures) to intrested users.

Hyperscaler Connectivity

The hyperscaler connectivity relates to a network connection to a public cloud provided by a hyperscaler.