IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is a US-american IT-company located in Armonk. IBM is one of the hyperscalers in cloud-computing.

IBM Softlayer

The company Softlayer belongs to IBM. Via a constantly increasing number of Data Centres and access points to the internet, Softlayer offers a world-wide cloud Infrastructure as a Service.


An image is a file that includes both the operating system and the user configuration. It may be used for designing a random number of virtual computers. In case of Microsoft Azure, there are two types of images: VM-Images (they include an operating system and all...


Immisions are an individual case of noise or pollutants to the environment. They are measured in grams per cubic metre, in case of noise in decibel. The German “Federal Immission Control Act” makes the respective limits compulsory.

Impact Assessment

The impact assessment is an action that evaluates intentional and unintentional consequences of a plan or project.

In-Database Analytics

In-Database Analytics relate to the integration of analytic methods in a database. For the execution of analytics, it is of advantage that the data do not have to be moved.

In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG)

“In-Memory Data Grid” (IMDG) describes a distributed data storage in the main system of many servers. This enables a faster access to the data as well as an improved scalability.

In-Memory Database

An “In-Memory Database” is a database system which uses the main storage to memorise data.


When applying the inband-method, deduplicating data have already been decomposed into chunks during the copying process, searched for duplicates and afterwards stored on the hard drive. The company Data Domains is rated as inventor and supporter of this method. With...


An incident is the spatial and temporal encounter of protective goods and hazards.